Ponto on Power: Ponto on electricity and how to reuse its transformative state

#1 son says to me this morning as he’s gearing up for his ride to summer school, “Mom I’ve been thinking…” 

This is the moment I’ve come to know as transformative, usually for both him and me.

The first time I recall the “Mom-I’ve-Been-Thinking” moment involved a Crispy Crème journey, Coldplay’s Clocks and HIV amongst African children.  He was distraught that doctors knew easily how to cure AIDS but refused to do so.  He said that injecting a virus to eat up the HIV virus – like setting a fire to fight a bigger fire, like our immunizations to protect us against a bigger illness – would kill off HIV.  He said maybe even the HIV virus itself needs to be injected.  He said the doctors knew this but wouldn’t do it and he wanted to know why the African children were the ones who had to suffer.  It was so clear to him.  What was not clear was the stupidity and cruelty of adults.

He was 5 years old.

My mentor the Judge had a friend at the forefront of medical research, specifically HIV, back in 2005 and he quietly confirmed that the labs were doing the very thing #1 son was so hell bent on seeing done….introducing a virus to kill off the bad stuff like immunizations do, or at a minimum trying to get the virus to kill itself.  Years later we see the headlines that scientists are openly using essentially this method.

So today when for the umpteenth time I hear, “Mom, I’ve been thinking”….well, I’m taking note.  We had been talking about his birth and how all the nurses wanted to be around him and how Grandma had been such a huge part, and that the tragedy of Columbine happened just 2 days after his birth, and he had endured his first of many lectures from his mom about being part of the solution in the world, or part of the problem.  But he was already long gone in his head.

He says he’s come up with a theory about alternative energy and it involves electricity.  “You know how energy never ends, it just transforms?”  I know this.  I recall from my lovely science days, before I decided to be a lawyer and drop all science from my curriculum.

“Yeah, ok,” I say, encouraging the next thought.

“Well, it shouldn’t really end. Electricity doesn’t end.  Remember that electric ball I used to have with the Tesla core?”  Where in all his drama and musical arts classes of late did he learn about Tesla cores?

“Uh huh, I remember.”

“That energy didn’t dissipate.   It remained.  Electricity should remain usable.  We are doing something wrong.”

“Are you saying invent another machine that takes the transformed remnant energy and use it to turn it back into the original electrical energy?”

“Well, kind of… no, actually no.  I’m saying that electrical energy in that ball remained.  We can use the power of it over and over and it doesn’t transform.  Just a theory.  It’s correct though.”

Indeed it might be.  After all, the HIV thing was.  So it is documented today.  I hope his high school curriculum soon includes physics and chemistry again.

Law of Thermodynamics I: “energy can be transformed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed.”  Thermo I

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