Children Around the World – For Sale in War Zones

Children are sold to “buyers”.  Those buyers are often linked to the developed world.  The power majority in the world “buy” children….like, there is literally a A_Child_for_Sale_(1920_film_ad)market!

In Kenya, we saw this often, but we saw the full picture.  Certain children in the family were bartered.  They were sent to children’s homes (the word orphanage is not used in Kenya) or camps and the family would get a kick back when the child was sold off.  These children’s homes are not really “official” in nature, but the local authorities also get their kick back.  Apparently this happens in Nigeria and western Africa also, in the war zones of Boko Haram.  Probably happens in Syria as well.  A quick internet scan shows that after the devastating American crash of the stock market in 1929, American families did the same thing.

We in this world, we sell children.

This morning’s CNN undercover piece is a short video, but when you have the stomach for it, here it is.  Consider at the end of the video that it is extremely easy for these men to openly sell these children.

That means there is a market for children out there….. a market!!!  

Children for sale heartbreakingly easy to find in ravaged Nigeria

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