A Society Governed by Social Media; Part I – The Admonishment

A Society Governed by Social Media

Part I – The Admonishment

I see this morning’s headlines, not in issue format, but pictorialized on Facebook.  A U.S. President has unilaterally dealt with a longtime issue by creatively using his Executive powers… or not.

I actually do not entirely know because I have not read enough about the issue to have a reasonable sense of the issue.  All I know is a bunch of people aligning with a political party are saying he was justified while a bunch of people aligning with the other political party (after all, we still only really have two) say that he is an anarchist, an inciter and …well, just a big screaming baby it looks like.

Politics will ultimately reduce itself the least common denominator it seems – that of the personal assault and name calling –  because ‘We The People’ let it.  That is my bandwagon/soapbox at the end of all discussions.

I learned something from “the” judge, my mentor, and that is the truth oft lies between the poles.  He used to tell me that if his rulings and judgments offended both sides in small measure, he figures he probably got it about right.

So my interest over the next few days will be to attempt to first understand what the issues really are, and second, to then understand the full spectrum of that issue’s arguments and potential outcomes.  I owe that to the process.  That means I will have to become part Democrat and part Republican, actually listening to the pole positions.  I do NOT owe to my political party a moment of posting a Facebook article positing their position without my having taken a little time to get my head around what is really going on.

Immigration Boot type no consequence

Doing anything less than my due diligence and research is tantamount to GOSSIPING.  I am not a gossip.

Ok, let us take a vote:  Who of us, having posted a social media response about Obama and the immigration issue, has read the draft resolution, has read or listened to the speech WITHOUT pundits telling you what it all says?

It is the educator within, Immigration Separation of PowersI cannot help this. You know, the powers of government are a bit like rock/paper/scissors…..though most people I think see it more like Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s favorite version, which includes Spock and a certain lizard.ImmigrationrockpaperscissorslizardspockClear


People, we can do this.  We can independently, with rational analysis, come to grips with this stuff sans media pundits and their views.

Governing via social media is not a standard of governing at all, but governing by mob rule, i.e. mob rule…intellectually speaking of course. J  Let us quit listening to pundits and start evaluating the raw material for ourselves.  Read speeches, listen to speeches without media personalities interpreting, go to the Constitution yourself rather than listening to someone tell what is right or wrong….it is time….. so that we don’t repeat history.

Immigration Scissors beat Paper


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