Thank you, Brittany Maynard

Dear Brittany,brittany-maynard-and-husband-2014

We read this morning that you had left our mortal world.  I am sad about that so I watched your media videos to take a moment to remember and learn.  Thank you – to you and your family – for opening up the dignity conversation with such grace.

I believe that all of us out here who don’t really know you personally were in “hollywood” denial.  That is, we were the last to believe that you had to live and die this way.  I think Hollywood sort of establishes this expectation in us that the ending somehow will not be the grimness looming before us.  But this time it was.

It isn’t all that happy to me today, but it IS all that powerful and beneficial.

I hope it is true that the laws of Thermodynamics mean that our life energy surpasses the death of the flesh; that you are somehow ‘alive’ somewhere, without those cruel 25 cancer pounds that made being photographed miserable, watching over the soon-to-be held conversation you began, a conversation that is sure to begin in halls and chambers of legislators on every level.

No doubt it will get nasty at times as we will probably do what humans always do:  demand that our ideologies and fears are more important than the welfare of the people behind those ideologies.  So be it.  The conversation must take place.  I, like many people, have both an experiential and personal stake in the outcome.

But I am forever grateful that you could choose to handle your cancer and deteriorating, betraying body in this manner.  For now we all grieve, but there will come a day when we again take on the conversation that no one wants to really undertake.  You and your family define bravery and courage in my mind.  Thanks for sharing with us.  That was pretty big.  I am remembering you this way….. Brittany-maynard-wedding-smile

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