ISRAEL AND PALESTINE A schizophrenic love-hate thang

Occasionally I like to delve back into politics, mostly just to see if I still can.  I touch on money, sex and religion sometimes for the same reasons.

There will be no photos today.  You have to read my words…every one of them, or go to the previous story for  photos (and an awe inspiring story about a woman I admire here).

So, imagine today as I play around on Facebook for the first time in many weeks, I find the Israel-Palestine story of my youth again in headlines.

I spent an inordinate amount of time reading up on this Middle East conflict thing beginning in high school and extending into my university years.  I learned some facts, which usually flew in the face of people’s opinions to me.  I wanted to know what the story was, what spawned the Hatfield/McCoy argument, and why my Jewish friends and Arab friends neither one could tell me the genesis of the whole thing.  Nope, just that “Israel did ‘x’ first”, and “No, Palestine did ‘x’ first” yada yada.

Palestine feels kinda like this:

 Israel feels kinda like this:

This is probably how the Hague sees it:

Thanks to all the artists whose cartooning is on the net to help us understand.  Had my mother been their mom, that nonsense would have been jettisoned long ago after the first strike.  She had this way of not giving a rip who started what when or how when she came home from work after a long day as a single working parent of four kids.  Good parenting is hard to come by these days.  Thanks, mom.

You know, it occurs to me with my experience in Africa where people are scrounging harder just to feed themselves that these arguments happen MUCH less.  Well, sort of, but I digress…

So, in reading headlines today, I see two headlines almost instantaneously…

  1. Al Jazeera English

‎”In light of today’s announcement, let me reiterate that this administration – like previous administrations – has been very clear with Israel that these activities set back the cause of a negotiated peace,” US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said on Friday.


2.  (CNN) — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is receiving bids to build a five-story complex for the Israeli Air Force, or IAF, near Tel Aviv. 

The facility, mysteriously dubbed “site 911,” will be built under the auspices of the Foreign Military Sales program and is expected to cost the U.S. between $25 million and $100 million, according to a solicitation for bids posted on a U.S. government website.

Only U.S. construction firms are able to bid on this contract, and the deadline for proposals is December 3, according to the notice. The notice, first reported on by The Washington Post, includes structural plans that show the first three underground floors are roughly 41,000 square feet and will include classrooms on Level 1, an auditorium on Level 3 and shock-resistant doors throughout.

…… And as I finish my makeup and prepare to go find Christmas in a box for a summertime Nairobi celebration, I realize the battle isn’t about either of these countries.  It is in fact about my country and what we do and think about those countries.

I’m fairly sure the purpose to resurrecting this story is to keep us (U.S. get it?) in fear …….and paying our tax dollars to a “cause.”

Doesn’t matter which side of the cause you place your gauntlet, nor which story you believe first, just so long as you feel the passion of the cause and place that gauntlet somewhere in a battle you have no business entering.

Tough talk from a white chick in Nairobi I guess.  My cause is different these days.

Ok, I need a picture….

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