Ann Time – Traditional Kenyan Time, An Anomoly, and The Art of Saangapi Clocks

Clocks clocks – Off to negotiate a salary today, and our Nyanya Ann is coming in at 9 to do the laundry since she will be attending a wedding tomorrow.   At 9:15 I am concerned for her because she has not arrived and I call my trusty friend Eunice because to call Ann would be fruitless… we do not speak any of the same languages!

So Eunice agrees to call Ann and find out what is happening.  A few minutes later my mobile buzzes and it is Eunice… laughing again.  The last time this same scenario played out, I had apparently told Ann to put grandmothers in my stew!

Yes, another culture miscommunication, one I should have been ready for because I had read warnings about it with regard to business meetings.  You see, in traditional Kenyan time, two things are vastly important.  First, there is not such thing as time.  A meeting is scheduled at 1 pm but perhaps they show up at 2 pm (or 3 or 4 even).   The other important thing of note is that traditional Kenyan time begins at my 6 am with hour 1.   That makes my 7 am hour 2, 8 am is hour 3…. something like that.

All I know is Ann told me 9 and I thought she obviously meant NINE!  As in the morning, as in MY world and MY time.   Come to find out she planned on being at our house at 3 pm my time.   So perhaps from hereonout, I will call this Ann time.  Check out the Saangapi clocks for amazing handcrafted artwork.

4 thoughts on “Ann Time – Traditional Kenyan Time, An Anomoly, and The Art of Saangapi Clocks

  1. Too funny. We experienced this in Hawaii as well. There it’s called “Local Time”. Locals are never rushed, always laid back and chillaxed. Sure, they said they’d come to work at 8am this morning, but what’s a few hours difference make . . . it’s a beautiful island day, brah.

    • haha! Yes, we are sharing that experience with you, but also, they actually have different time! It is gauged differently than the rest of the world, based on the sun rising on the savannah or something I think.

  2. That sounds like Argentinian time, per Joe — mañana with a vengeance. 😉 Sorry about the tardy response. We were in Los Angeles for the last couple of weeks checking on Joe’s father. Health issues, but fortunately nowhere near as serious as they sounded at first.

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