The Title really sounds more like a children’s story, and perhaps in some way it is.  It is the story of Lady Lydweena and her push to conquer the plunge in the Land of Neder.

Long ago and far away back in early March of the year Two Thousand and Twelve, Lady Lyweena, known to a host of admirers across the land as Lady Lyd, announced that much to her chagrin, she had missed a number of Polar Plunge events in the realm and wished desperately to conquer one.  Oddly and with the timing of the gods, that very next day would be held in the Land of Neder the annual Frozen Dead Guy Daze/Days, replete with lords and ladies plunging into the polar waters of the kiddie pond at the lake in the town’s center, being supervised by the King’s Royal Fire Fighter Hotties.

Lady Lyd and I hooked up with friend Marla, packed up the kids and snow gear, and headed up the mountain in the trusty chariot (making some aweful front end screamage) to watch the festivities and perhaps, if she did not lose her chutzpah, Lady Lyd might jump.   Here are the down and dirty moments surrounding Lady Lydia’s jump and her coronation to Queen Lydweena! Queen Lydweena and the Polar Plunge

I’ve had Africa on the brain too much and missed completing some important memories, but selfishly I am so glad that it sat in dormancy until today and I could relive a bit and remember now!  I do not exactly or formally have Queen Lyd’s permission to post the video, but I’m hoping (fingers crossed) the Royals will allow it.


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