2 thoughts on “SAM_0801

  1. I can’t believe how much weight he’s lost!!! Wow, he looks so grown up all of a sudden. Are you allowing this to happen?! 😉

    So handsome in the suit and tie . . . . something tells me you may soon have even more visitors of the female variety at your apartment soon.

    Go G!!!!

    • You are very good for his ego ya know….. He is taller and leaner a bit, but he was maturing and changing just as we left, so I’m thinking it is a lot of change fast. We all even notice it here seeing him everyday. I fully support him entering manhood, but sometimes, I just sit with him and talk like when he was little. But the suit… it changes something in his core and I begin to see the future in him. Very wild. I have a great video of him singing a song in his suit. Can’t post it here because it is more than 2 mg so I will try to put it on Facebook.

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