Perseid, we MISS You!!!

Oh, the agony as we read that the Perseid meteor shower is happening NOW and even if we went outside at night, we could not see it.   Heartbroken is what we are because we have had some very cool times late into the night, on the trampoline in Colorado, with our telescope, watching meteor showers.

But alas, we cannot watch this one…. we are on the opposite side of the globe.  OUCH!  So, someone get out there right now and watch for us!!   ~Cyn & Guled

3 thoughts on “Perseid, we MISS You!!!

  1. I’d offer to do so tonight, but it’s overcast and probably will remain so. 🙁 They are fun to watch. My vision isn’t what it used to be, but I still like stargazing.

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