You Have so Many Dishes Because…..

My mom has historically been a MASH fan. I am remembering tonight a piece of a line, spoken by the character “Hot Lips” to one of the doctors who was married … but not Trapper. He was complaining about something and she told him in a bit of frustration something like, “You only have so much to loose because you’ve GOT so much,” referring to his wife and child back in the U.S. Something like that happened today here.

I had a mountain of dishes. I wasn’t really complaining this time because I’m getting over a bout of the African flu, but I made a comment about all the dishes. The response from someone was, “You have so many dishes because you have so many friends.” I could not translate that into Kiswahili just yet. I just washed every dish in the house and almost every pot. It is a most beautiful sign because it means we had people over today. That helps the disconnection quite a bit.

Katab, age 7, got fidgety and brought out Guled’s stuffed animals so they could enjoy the evening. 

The younglings helped make brownies, which we will enjoy tomorrow. The Teenlings took one of their own to a “make up” birthday movie and were conspicuously absent. The younglings (10 and under) are tempted to not share their brownies with the teenlings, but I feel confident that at the end of the day, the younglings’ pride will get the better of them, and they will want to savor the moment when the teenlings tell them what an amazing, fabulous, superior, tastey, savory job they did on the brownies!

Just another Saturday in the ‘hood.

4 thoughts on “You Have so Many Dishes Because…..

  1. I’m printing this blog out and shoving it under Joe’s nose. He *HATES* washing dishes. 😉 It sounds like you and the kids had fun making those brownies. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    • Haha! Dishes, when viewed in a new light, are a beautiful thing. 🙂 I had a mom over, too, and we enjoyed the Kikuyu stew that Ann (the woman who keeps me together and does my laundry by hand) prepared today. It was soooo good!!! Tell Joe, it was TOTALLY worth the dishes. We will treat him sometime to the experience and I will do the dishes!

  2. I love the dishes thing and love that you have a crew. I can’t believe I worried you two would ever feel lonely, I knew better all along, but still worried about it. Such a silly Lyd.
    We had company this weekend (Jeremy, then Mom & Dad, and Aunt Patty & Uncle Mike from Wichita). It was awesome to have my house full of family. I made everything the night before (and cleaned). We ate off paper plates and STILL have a sink full of dishes. I’m with you – so worth it.

    • lol we get pretty lonely for our friends and our former life. But I guess we also find valuable things here. Looking at dishes differently is a good lesson for me. I love that you had your house full of your people! THAT is what skidding into home all ragged and used up is all about. But, despite all of our great accomplishements, I just miss you sometimes. No one takes that place….ever.

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