Children in Afrika update and the collection of business cards

MISSION:  meet with the law school admissions folks to formally evaluate my credentials, and then go to Joseph’s friend’s children’s home.

REALITY:   The law school admissions people had no idea what to do with me, and by degrees I ended up in Ms. Margaret W. Muigai’s office, the Deputy Director.  What a learned and encouraging woman.  She supports strongly The CRADLE organization and has given me a list of options for work currently (while being evaluated) with the judiciary and the Kenyan Law Reports organization to get both a paycheck and experience in Kenyan law. 

The Children’s Home –  called I. Afrika, or Immanuel Afrika, is fairly new, has a strong Australian link, and serves street boys.  The facility is quite nice and built in the north west rolling hills, with land for farming and a school being built as I type.  I was so engaged in hearing from Peter Nduati, the Executive Director, that I took virtually no pictures.   I plan to take an entourage out either this Saturday or next to see what it is I and others can do to contribute to their mission.  Some of the younger street boys, as young as 6, were virtually dead from advanced AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse, and starvation when they came to the facility.  Now, they smile and go to school, but the repatterning in their minds from street child to law-abiding citizen is no easy task.  Mr. Nduati tells me sometimes they return to the streets.   Check it out for fun :     The bank called, so we went there. 

It was NOT allergies to Maasai cow dung that had me sniffling.  I have a full fledged African cold!   Joseph brought me home worn out.  These are the only 4 pictures I took, and they are from the neighborhoods by the law school:   

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