Children in Africa

Joseph, Eunice’s family friend, agreed yesterday to take me to a foundation so that I could personally pitch my candidacy for one or more advocate positions. The foundation, called The CRADLE, is an international child advocacy and policy formation group, with work following the UN conventions on the Rights of the Child I believe. I inadvertently met the lead attorney of the foundation when I chose to walk in and tout my legal wares. Shout out to my high school friend Bruce Lesley, a child advocate himself as President of First Focus, who has agreed to keep his eyes and ears open for any information on The CRADLE there on the east coast.

So, today, with the help of Joseph and his unending list of business acquaintences and friends, I will go to the law school to begin the formal process of being evaluated to practice law here, and then off to an orphange outside of Karen.

It is here at the orphanage where I think I will meet with my second greatest emotional experience; not viewing Hakim’s latest ekg or mri, but the faces of numerous young children with HIV, left abandoned on a continent floating somewhere between the Indian and Atlantic oceans. When it comes to kids, I kind of get mouthy and political. Perhaps I will be the next great international child rights advocate and community builder. Or, perhaps, I will just do the difficult work in the field with little media attention. Most likely, the golden mean will be somewhere along that continuum. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Children in Africa

  1. Wow, that is huge. I can’t wait to hear how it goes/went. Thank you, Cynthia, for being your amazing authentic compassionate brilliant self everywhere you go. I will be praying for you, trusting that you will find the perfect place to shine your light. These guys just don’t know how lucky they are to have you on their continent! Yet.

    Hakim’s MRI??

    Love you,

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