A Simple 24 Hours

The things we have done and accomplished this last 24 hours or so:

The kids came over AGAIN to paint pots.  I decided to take a number of the girls to the pottery showroom near here and let them pick one to paint. 





African Pho!!!!!! 






Ripped my jeans on the jagged metal edge of a Matatu door (cheap Nairobi minibus taxi that Guled demanded we ride)! 


Got a new table that will be multi-use since we have NO table!

Guled talked to his friends via Skype and the new table.

Did I mention Pho?  Yeah, the best stuff on the planet.  I miss my “Pho Phriends” Brandilynn, Lydweena, Heather, Vikki, Jessica….. you guys gotta come over for dinner soon!



2 thoughts on “A Simple 24 Hours

  1. Pho is wonderful, be it Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, or (I daresay) Kenyan. 😉 Joe (my husband, for those who don’t know) and I have a favorite Pho place about a mile from where we live. I’d eat it more, but noodles are fully of carbohydrates and I need to limit those. Korean and Japanese hot pot are just as good, by the way. Is there a Kenyan version of them? (I know Cyn knows what Korean hot pot is because she and I ate it in San Francisco once, back in the early 1990s when I lived in the San Francisco Bay area and she was visiting.)

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