I now have a first hand idea of what it feels like to hear devastating news from back “home” with no means for processing it. I am just far enough away to get no closure. Rest in Peace, dear people, because you did not deserve this. 

The headlines, however, are both predictable and sadly useless, because the enemy is not without, but within.  “America, Wake Up To Gun Violence” and “Amanpour: Gun Crazy in the US” greet my morning, after days of solo-topic headlines on the Colorado movie theatre shooting.

I’m thinking the enemy is not the gun, but the human behind it.  I think it is rhetoric to propound that guns are the criminal element. You know, it really does go back to us wanting to feel safe. I think some generalized “gun control” is probably a good thing.   I’m from Texas and I know what can be done with a gun if the human is given enough beer.

However, history suggests that we will now legislate all kinds of new things with regard to internet sales, and we will require new safety procedures at movie theaters and other venues under some penumbra analysis I am sure.


Might even legislate Batman in the interests of ensuring safety.

But honestly, there were grenades and petroleum products reportedly all over the apartment and some in the theatre as well. Why are we not pounding the bandwagon of proscriptive legislation on THOSE products?

I’ll tell you why I think we are not talking about those other things: because we NEED them.  We need petroleum products in a huge way for our daily lives.  Guns…. not so much on a daily basis maybe (except Texas of course). But gas for our cars, Ziploc baggies, Wal-Mart bags, fake leather seats for our cars and baby high chairs, parts to our computers, that stretchy stuff in our underwear to name a few….yup, we need those.

While we are legislating all the stuff to make things “safer”, which is fine I suppose (but my skepticism thinks this kind of reactive legislation is really politicians preserving their status in the ranks of the Hill’s politically cushy world), maybe we need to tackle the soft issue of ‘crazy’ from the backdoor as well. The truth hurts, but it only hurts once. My experience with ‘crazy’ is that it usually has an etiology that puts the devastating experiences at least a little into perspective, and certainly more open to an honest solution.  I see humans freaking out globally and hurting worldwide. 

Perhaps instead of blaming the chattel, we ought to acknowledge that you cannot legislate crazy out of people. You can start paying a little attention to the human condition though.

RIP dear people…you did not deserve this.  I found this image on the internet.   Sort of expresses my real sadness.

And as I prepare to “publish”, I am getting news that in my birthplace, Dallas, Texas…. a police shooting….. I wonder…..naw, time to start my day on the other side of the equator.


    • I am glad 🙂 I have time to consider lots of angles to things at the moment….and of course hearing this just broke my heart all over Africa. You are one of the people that always makes a healthy difference, B. ~Cyn

  1. Nineteenth century American politician Daniel Webster describes this best, I think: the feeling that something must be done is the parent of many bad laws. :/ At the same time, I understand the urge. This whole thing was SO bad, and so close to where family lives. (I’m Cyn’s sister.)

    But I don’t believe that draconian new laws banning or severely limiting access to guns by the general public would do any good. A lot of “commando-style” mass murderers appear to be cases of mid-teens to mid-20’s “early adulthood onset’ schizophrenia or some similar mental illness. In case after case like this, mental health experts who study these sorts of shooters agree that laws banning access to one set of tools (guns) would not prevent murders because there are so many other tools.

    And just how high a price are we willing to pay in personal freedom for security? I’m not sure I want an answer to that from many fellow Americans, who have for the past ten years tolerated things I never would have believed prior to 9/11. :/ Some level of risk is part of life. We need to relearn that lesson.

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