Perry’s 10th Birthday Shabang

I am fairly certain that the younglings around us are not surprised in the slightest that they just put on the birthday party of the decade for one of their friends. To have a proper birthday, I suppose you need a birthday cake, some candles, some themed cups and napkins and plates for the cake, some balloons, some gifts… but the missing ingredient that could stand alone without all of that other stuff and still be a party?

Friends….. friends and family.

Well, THAT is where all of us parents and aunties are so astounded, because in a brand new apartment complex where the longest tenant here is only about eight weeks, these kids did just that…. they amassed great quantities of friends!

The fact that there was soda and chips and gifts and clay projects and the BEST food anywhere was like icing on Perry’s cake. The warmth and love of the Kenyan culture is just something you have to put yourself next to and absorb, because words do not do the experience any justice at all.
At least not my words.

Perry and her siblings are enjoying a last summer in Kenya before moving to the U.S. Her mom is in the U.S. preparing the way now. In her mom’s place are the warmest and most attentive aunties a girl could hope for, and wow can they cook! We adults have been all brought together by the kids, ranging in ages from about 2 ½ to almost 16. What a fabulous group of kids.

So, Happy “double digit” 10th Birthday Perry. You look beautiful!

P.S. The Birthday shebang bar has been set very high indeed, and we parents are going to have to fulfill the expectation of every child around here with such a fun day. Yikes.

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