A kid crew appeared today.  They often appear these days with various requests for entry into our apartment.  I’m having a tough anemic time currently, but every other day or so, I try to garner enough energy to bring a little magic to Africa.  Yesterday, Guled reluctantly agreed to share part of his colored clay stash he got from Heather.  He really loves clay.  I have pictures of the clay day somewhere.

Today I experimented with chapatis to a Celine Dion album, with the repeat on “River Deep, Mountain High.” You can listen to it while you read to get the full effect!  

Chapatis are the flatbread found in Kenyan cuisine, much like tortillas in Mexican food.  I thought I’d throw a little cinnamon sugar on them for fun.  Guled called over the balcony to announce that the chapatis were ready, and apparently a rather large herd headed up the three flights of stairs to our apartment! 

The chapatis are gone, the cinnamon sugar all over the floor, smeared towards the front door where the kids dropped their shoes and reentered those same shoes, cinnamon sugar and all.  They all had the kid zoomies at 165 kph (kilimeters per hour). 

I hear rumors that I’ll be doing this again.  I sadly have no pictures.  Words will have to paint the mental scene. 

I must take a nap.

4 thoughts on “CHAPATIS and CELINE

  1. Too fun. What’s up with the anemia? Do you have/need supplements? I’m getting my blood checked tomorrow, cross your fingers that I’m still doing fine! I hope you figure out how to get enough iron (let me know if you do!)

  2. Liver and onions? <grin, duck, and run like heck>

    Seriously, I wish I could offer suggestions. With all of my health issues, that’s one that I’ve never had. My friend Faun (you met her at the wedding) on the other hand suffered from it for years. :/ I hope you figure out what to do about it.

    • Blech liver and onions! Yes you had best run far and fast! Well, you could just come here and I won’t hit. I have a friend here who is a doctor and she asked me if I could tolerate liver, to which I replied in many languages, “NO!” She did suggest collard greens often, however. 🙂 Thanks for the support!

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