“Africa” is not a single place, nor is it a desertification completely.  Hemingway loved East Africa and the sport of the safari, writing about his manly exploits in The Snows of Kilimanjaro.  Kilimanjaro is not Kenya, however.  Kenya is unique, distinct, and representative of Africa.  Kenya houses one of the main United Nations complexes, together with the Hague and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

There is much infrastructure growth in Kenya, the beginnings of which come into modern day as an actual country groomed for British sport and holiday.  The country has taken on its own wings, however, even putting into place a new constitution, for which growth pangs are seen daily.  We also see growth most notably in what appears to be construction of “middle class” high rise apartments, our first clue that the economy here has been slowly shifting for some time.  Our apartment is in such a compound. Eunice and Joseph helped us find a fairly reasonable apartment with good security. Attached is a gallery of photos of the interior of our little pad, touching the edges of the city, but almost rural. We live very near the Ngong Racecourse and often see horses being exercised along the road.

Oddly, the stereotypes of “Africa” mostly fall here, with a few exceptions. We do have running water, hot water, electricity and non-dirt floors. We even have television aerial antennas and internet wiring, though the internet continually isn’t working and I am very tempted to talk my brother Howard into “visiting” for a bit. I have a theory about the internet which will become apparent in the not-too-distant future if this keeps up!

I have learned here that you buy EVERYTHING for a rental, including stoves, refrigerators and even light fixtures! You will see which we have bought and which we have not (i.e. light fixtures- bulbs hanging are just fine).

So, check out the photos (video is too lengthy to upload) and see that we have a decent kitchen, bathrooms and beds. Ann, the lady caring for our needs, is in the process of cleaning all surfaces and windows because no one has lived here since construction and the builders…well, they aren’t detail guys when it comes to cleaning up grout, glass and dusty walls!

For the electronic junkie in us all, here is a map link (hopefully) that will give you a general idea of our GPS location on this here marble we call the globe. It will allow you to look around and see the satellite image as well. Since our apartments are so new that they are not yet marked on Google, I have used the Victoria Garage as the mark, but we are just behind it on the grey area map view, or the 4 big buildings with terra cotta red roofs. Cheers!


    • “pretty” good? uh oh ha! Cuz you’ll be here one day for a visit! It’s good, just need a few pieces of furniture to round it out I suppose. First, an income!

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