Three Villages

I am amazed how much effort and how many villages it took to get us out of dodge. We have the best friends any people could have, and this process has allowed so many of them to get to know others of them. I humbly thank each one of you. I don’t even know how to express my appreciation…but trust me I’m working on it!

I feel a certain responsibility to succeed in a world where many dream but few set out. The fear and potential stupidity keeps us in check. For some reason I am no longer in check and only time will tell whether this was ill advised or wise. It is not what we do with the past that matters so much as what we do from it now. That should be a t-shirt slogan for sure. Acting comes in small and big ways, but always seems to have a big impact.

Go forth and act… act well, but act. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Three Villages

  1. I’m acting my dear I’m acting… And if ill advised or a wise choice both of us are not in check and acting… 😉 My heart and thoughts will be with you each day of your adventure. I my luv am so proud to call you my friend.

  2. C&G
    Thank you for sharing your lives, your world vision, and your friends with us. And thank you for making this great big rock a much smaller, friendlier place. I haven’t worked it out completely, but I’m reasonably sure all of NoCo is linked because of you two.
    Grasshoppers, I’m proud and humbled by the intestinal fortitude you’ve demonstrated. At your weakest, most vulnerable moment, you were still easily two backbones and one large testicle ahead of the general population.
    So go, my fabulously adventurous friends; our love and support are with you every single step. Your safety net is here, though I’m certain you’ll never need it.

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