New Stuff Old Stuff Borrowed Stuff Blue Stuff, but Stuff

Fitting it is to see a new blog, hosted on WordPress and my new domain name (thanks to a very diligent, hard-working, supportive and techno-genious sister).

Now is the time… the stuff needs to get gone. Get the girl outta dodge. Come by if you are my friend and want to rummage. Call for an appointment if you are not my friend! I believe in the second Amendment as it relates to my person and property. Antiques to household items. I just need my stuff to find a new home and hopefully help the Kenya Kitty increase a bit. Housing in Nairobi is as expensive as NY City. I wonder if the photos will show up. Ciao!

2 thoughts on “New Stuff Old Stuff Borrowed Stuff Blue Stuff, but Stuff

  1. You seem to have figured out how to post, in any event. 😉 Good! I won’t be by to rummage because you’re about 1,000 miles away. Good luck finding homes for your stuff and helping the “Kenya Kitty”, though. I’ll have your emails working on this domain by week’s end.

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