The Value of a Thing….

This story revolves around the card game Yugioh and my son’s love of the overall artistry behind the game. He attended an all-day “sneak peak” tournament yesterday, which is really the marketing genius of the Konami folks to continue the obsession with the release of new cards all the time. In this scenario, the retailers set up an all-day format where the new series of cards are released and the players, for an enhanced $20 entry fee, get a random set of cards from the new series and duel one another with whichever cards they are lucky enough to randomly get.

Guled decides that since this may be the last time he will get to enjoy one of these “sneak peeks”, he’s going all day. Some of these cards are quite collectible, however, and I asked him if he did his research online to find out what cards are the potentially most valuable. He had not, and so we came up with a texting system whereby I would drop everything and research any cards he asked me to so that he would not trade away a particularly valuable card without knowing. Fast forward many hours to 8:30 pm pick up time – as he is placing his backpack and other items in the car, he tells me it was one of the most enjoyable and valuable times he’s ever had at a sneak peek, and that FINALLY he pulled the important card of the new series… the valuable “Neo Galaxy-eyes Photon Dragon.” Yup, the big kahuna.

Yugio Card

And do you know what he did with this $40 card? He did what anyone who is Guled would do…. he gave it to someone. I sucked wind when he told me this, and he responded that he knew what I was thinking….. but something changed because as I am both sucking wind and realizing his hard-earned money can go to whatever he wants it to, he is telling me that he made a new friend.

I’m having to stop the internal mental wheels and absorb what he was saying… he made a new friend, and that is more valuable to him than the $40 card that would alone have recouped his expenses for the tournament. Wow. I was ashamed that I was thinking he had done a stupid thing, but more ashamed that I didn’t realize just how important people are to this boy. He is all beaming and happy and I “get” it and enjoy the moment with him and tell him how proud I am of him.

THEN do you know what that boy tells me? He tells me that he is pretty sure that because he gave that card to that guy, he pulled the second copy of that same valuable card during phase II, only it was what they call the ‘rare’ version that was going for more $$ and yes he gave THAT one to the guy, got back the original one…. and then he won the famed series duel mat, a very coveted item amongst the group. He says he is pretty sure he got all that because he did the right thing and shared. Karma and all. I’m thinking he’s probably right!

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