The 360 on Kony2012

Ugandans React With Anger To Kony Video – Al Jazeera

Because I am an eternal skeptic by nature and design, I immediately felt the internal brakes hit when the Kony2012 campaign hit Facebook and proceeded to “go viral”. Well, honestly, ANYTHING that hits Facebook procures that kind of reaction out of me. In furtherance of the education of one 12 year old, 1/2 African child, we read the CNN news article, he watched the entire video, and we endured the expected and intensely emotional response and need to “do something, Mom.”

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Frozen Dead Guy Daze

The event remains to be fully realized this Sunday. My friend Lydia has it in her head and thus on her bucket list that she wants to polar plunge before her time on this earth expires. I’m not predisposed but I’ll be happy to photograph the event, if only the event happens. Winds upwards of 70 mph yesterday caused the warming tent’s demise, as did it the beer tent, music tent and a few other tents. The paramedics apparently put the kabash on the polar plunge yesterday.

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